Vitality. Growth. New Friends. A camp for plant-based Women Warriors

June TBD, 2022

Well, Now! Camp is a reset, a recharge, a place for women to carve out time for their physical and creative selves in an engaging social environment. It is a time to connect with other women and reconnect with yourself in an atmosphere reminiscent of summer camp: hiking, yoga, cooking, improv, journaling, crafts, field day, and most importantly, friendships.

This is not a conference – we will not sit on our behinds the whole time. Even better, you will do no cooking, no dishes, no cleanup. Throughout the busy camp day, we will be feasting on plant-based meals in a Hogwart’s style dining hall. 

We welcome women with all dietary approaches: those who are curious but have never tried plant-based eating to lifelong plant-based eaters. And everywhere in between. All are welcome!

For those familiar with plant-based eating – perhaps you have attended numerous plant-based conferences, and have read all the books. Or maybe you’ve seen all the newest plant-based documentaries, heard all the podcasts, and cooked all the food. Which means, your friends are on-board part of the time, your family is either cheering you on – or thinks you have a screw loose! All you know is that you have never felt so well, and right now you are full of energy – seeking a community of healthy, active individuals with a backdrop of plant-based eating. 

So, what is next? Well, now here is something exciting…Plant-based camp with a bunch of Plant-Based Women Warriors! Look for dates listed here for our 2022 season of Well, Now! Camp.