July 12-14, 2024, We are thrilled to host  another event at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. For the full details of Plant-Based Woman Warrior event, please contact Kripalu directly for information and registration.

September 14, 2024, Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior.  Join Ann and Jane for a LIVE, hands-on, food-focused workshop. This is a high-energy day of demos, tasting, activity,  more eating and discussion together. Our aim is to roll you out the door at the end of the day! We host this event at our favorite, family-owned, unique spot in North East Ohio. Hope to see you at the table! *Space limited to 24 participants.

October 7-12, 2024, Join us at the Plantstrong Immersion event in Sedona, AZ.

October 10th —every year! 10K for the 10KJoin the Cliterati! Researchers recently discovered there are over 10 thousand nerves in the clitoris. Thousands more that previously understood.  Gather your pals – or anyone who game to become more Cliterate about this polka-dot of pleasure! Choose a 10K activity: 10K steps, 10K running, 10K knits and pearls, 10K seconds together chatting, 10K croquet (employ a high-scoring method), or 10K drive somewhere. Your call! Download the information and discussion packet HERE and have a great day! If you are interested in purchasing a 10K for the 10K polka-doted headband contact us via the contact link. The best is yet to come!

June 5-8, 2025, Well, Now! Camp. Oh how we love hosting our Plant-Based Woman Warrior Camp in beautiful Gambier, OH on the Kenyon College campus. Each year it is the highlight of our summer – returning to camp! Join us for amazing food, activity, and connection with other Plant-Based Women Warriors! *The Talent Show awaits you! 


Interested in having Jane come speak at a conference or event you’re planning?

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