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Save the Date: 3/12/2022 Women vs. Inflammation
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Click here for a phone appointment (30 or 60 minutes) to touch-base about your plant-based journey, figure out how to navigate a plant- resistant partner/ family member, or discuss your best path forward with plants, plants, plants!


Women vs. Inflammation! 

7th Annual Conference to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Inflammation for Women

Our March 12th conference digs into the impact of plant-based nutrition to extinguish inflammation and protect our hearts. We will serve up information and recipes in order to arm you to the teeth with 6 presentations and 6 cooking demos.

Join us virtually from home or your kitchen for a full day of information, 20 recipes, raffles and dancing! 


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Join us at Well, Now! Camp in Gambier, Ohio on the Kenyon College campus June 9th-12th!

Vitality. Creativity. Growth. New friends.
A camp for Plant-Based
Women Warriors. 

See you at Camp June 9-12, 2022


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High energy, low numbers, and soaring good health result from piling your plate high with plant-based goodness.
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